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Hello and thanks for visiting my site.
If you’re like me, the first time you saw a Bronco it made you do a double take.  At some point in your life you rode in or drove an Early Bronco and you never forgot the impression it left with you. If you owned one you discovered it’s one of the most practical vehicles ever invented. I traded a nearly new F250 for my first ride, a ’75 sport. I’ve now owned 15 including 10 at one time (to my wife’s irritation). It has near perfect 50/50 weight distribution and power to weight ratio. It can become a 4WD station wagon (SUV to you trendoids), pickup, or open top convertible roadster in a matter of minutes. It’s on and off-road manners and turning radius are superb. It is inexpensive, extremely simple, and easy to maintain. With V-8 power, Dana 44 front axle, 9 inch rear, and actual carrying capacity in the back, it came standard with everything the sheep guys have to add to their rides.
Ford is an interesting company. Besides inventing the modern production line, Henry Ford had a philosophy that his workers had to be able to afford the products they were making. To do that he figured out how to make cars inexpensively through ingenuity and  innovative manufacturing. He also paid his workers a living wage without the pressure of a union. GM was always the political and media darling because they caved to the pressure of the 1920s-30s socialists who ran the unions and the politicians who caused the depression era economy. Mr. Ford fought them all the way. Lately, Ford seems to be finding its soul again. Maybe someday they’ll get rid of the escape, sport trac, and explorer to make room in the production lineup for a real Bronco again. I thought the turbo diesel concept Bronco (minus all the chromed plastic and the style crap) was a good starting point. Too bad they didn’t have the courage to refine the design and build it. Until then we’re here to keep the originals alive.
Ten years ago I began developing the best fiberglass composite body tubs and replacement parts that could be made. It started as a full time effort. Unfortunately, Family obligations got in the way for a while and I lost my way. Two years ago I got back into the shop again and have never left. 
Like Mr. Ford, my commitment is to produce the best quality at a cost the average guy can afford. When you buy from me, you are buying direct. No middleman retailers adding their profit margin to the price. Check out the site and let me know what you think. Outside points of view and input are welcome.  Thanks again for checking us out..
Best Regards, Mike Standley